MOVERS – Missouri Vital Enterprise Resource System

Who We Are

MO (Missouri) Vital Enterprise Resource System
MOVERS will be the state’s Enterprise-wide system for Financials, Human Resources, Budget, 
Procurement, and more!

The MOVERS program is the State of Missouri’s statewide initiative to implement and leverage Oracle Cloud’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management system. The MOVERS system will replace legacy statewide administrative systems such as SAM II, BRASS and JD Edwards. MOVERS will make data more easily accessible, produce data-driven insights, and achieve significant reduction in manual or duplicative processes. The new system will provide enhanced functionality and improved business processes which will benefit staff and leadership alike.

Change Mover

Your agency’s Change Mover will serve as the primary contact and liaison between the MOVERS project and your agency. The Change Mover is responsible for coordinating and submitting all MOVERS project tasks, capturing feedback from end-users pre and post go-live, disseminating key messages to agency users, assisting in identifying potential risks and supporting mitigation, as well as helping to educate peers and champion change.

If you have questions or concerns about how MOVERS may be impacting your agency, please reach out to your Change Mover.

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